Sunday, May 22, 2011

Little Forest Dweller

Somewhere deep-deep in the forest lived a tiny mouse...))
The scene was done in mix between maya and zbrush. Zbrush was used as a texturing tool also. Rendered in mentalray.

Maya's viewport

Something about 0,07$

One model from a number of others, specially created for mobile operator.
Maya and Zb for creation as always. PS for some tiny postwork and v-Ray for visialization.


Try to make a vampire is not just as a creature with long and sharp teeth, but as a creature with it's own background with own history and personality. Inspired by the amazing sculptor Aris Kolokontes.

Topology, uv stretching, polyPainting

Head texture

Sculpt views

Handpainting textures

Cellphone model

One of several cellphones for russian mobile operator. Maya + mentalRay test render.

Topology mesh flow of all...

Nanoch - mayan enslaver

My first touch to ZB. The touch was so fascinating to me that the simple character has spent a lot of time to be born )). But at the same time I got great pleasure from the process.