Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Statuette concept. Wich is main prize for "GO GO Queen" dance competition.

Perseus & Medusa the Gorgon Sister

I think that particular shot from my imagination throughout some years. When I was 12 I read an old book called something like "Myths Of Ancient Greece", there were no pictures except beautiful historical ornaments)). Because of that I had to imagine myself... I've grown up, but still find exciting Greek myths, especially about my favorite character - Perseus. All clothes and leather was done by mayaCloth system to simulate a true fabric corresponding to real physical aspects like: mass, air, wind, and gravity. Gorgon's body was put on the ground as soft body with maya dynamics. Try to cheat in common things to make them faster and easier. And of course Zb here and there and everywhere)). Hope I can find some time and finish it up.