Friday, October 11, 2013

Body parts or a Soup set for the main course.

I've done that a long time ago and even posted here. But just want to update a little.
When I'm working on such stuff I always thinking about something like giblets and soup from them. Hey, and what about a dessert? Anyway... hope you enjoy!

Delicious soup ingridients:

Always enjoy clean and precise topology:

Smash. Boom. 3d concept.

3d concept. Sculpt and polypaint. Half a day of work with a break for lunch ). Wrong place and wrong time for that guy... Smash... and I'm sculpting messy concept of him.

"Save and Protect"

"Save and Protect" - inscription on the back side of russian orthodox cross. It's a pray to God for protection faithful holder form evil and save from temptation. Movie shot where the christian cross chops zombies blood drops like a sword. Pretty fast - one day - task, but I love the result...

Model, sculpt detailes and uvs:

The most interesting part of modelers job :))

Between creation different creatures and sci-fi robots there is always a task to do something creative and inspiring... like to model a super new cell or unwrap amazing tv object with outstanding uv shells. That stuff is all about commercials. Project managment by my good old friend - Antonio Tenni.

Br-r-r-r-r-r.... wires...